Research interest

My research interests have been focused on investigating cognitive and affective controls in human behaviors and the underpinning neural substrates.
í˛Attentional control network and its top-down modulation of information processing pathways.
í˛Exploring the interaction between cognitive and affective controls in human reward system.
í˛Investigating the phenomenon of cognitive/emotional control disorder and drug addiction.


Research Methods

í˛Cognitive behavioral experiment
í˛Event-related potential experiment
í˛Functional magnetic resonance imaging experiment



To study these issues, I have developed and refined a variety of psychological paradigms:
í˛Directed forgetting task
í˛The integrated Simon-Stroop task
í˛Emotional Simon task
í˛Stroop task
í˛Numerical comparison task
í˛Object matching task
í˛Flanker task
í˛The dynamic gambling task










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